COM 481 reading: From Tracy Kidder ‘Strength’

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Here is a COM 481 reading: More


Reader Leader preparation sheet for COM 481

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Here is the Reader Leader description sheet. It tells you what you need to do for your reading presentation: More

Fall semester students book return

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Folks who took my 210 classes in fall should return the textbooks to my office (for the women) or to Joy’s office (for the men.)

Thank you and good luck in the spring.

Style Watch No. 1: A-E

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Here is the Week No. 1 AP Style Watch: More

COM 360 for Sunday, 20 April 2014

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Ladies, we will meet in our regular classroom Sunday at 1 p.m. We will continue to work on our literature reviews for our group research projects. We will return to the ZU-AD Library on Tuesday.

COM 360: Bibliography example (Chicago Manual of Style)

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Here is the bibliography for the book Journalism in the Civil War Era, which I co-wrote with Greg Borchard: More

Terms to study for Quiz #3 in COM 360

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Here is a list of terms you should know for COM 360 (Bulla): More

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