Week 1 Power Point for COM 210

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Here is today’s Power Point. The emphasis is on boilerplate information about the class: More


Power Point for COM 360 for March 20

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Here is today’s Power Point:


Reader Leader guide for COM 481

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Following the Reader Leader guide for leading a discussion in COM 481: More

Quote of the day

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Please get your daily inspiration from the following website: More

Study guide for MTE

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Here is the study guide for the midterm exam in COM 210: More

COM 200: Final thoughts

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First, I have really enjoyed teaching this class. It was the first time I had ever taught media and society, and I appreciate your putting up with my being a novice on these topics. It was quite rewarding teaching all of you. More

Lecture 34 for COM 200

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Here is Lecture 34 from COM 200. It was given on Tuesday, 13 December 2011:


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