Speed lead #3 for COM 210

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Here is the final Speed Lead quiz of the semester: More


Tuesday’s Power Point in COM 360

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Here is Tuesday’s lecture Power Point. Please email me if you want the presentation PDF: More

Focus group example for COM 360

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Here is the mock focus group questionnaire we did Sunday in COM 360. Thanks to Ms. Alyazia for recording it. If you want a copy of the recording, email me: More

Sunday’s Power Point for COM 210

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Here is the last Power Point for the semester in COM 210: More

Tasty Bites in AD is … tasty

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The menu. (Photo by David W. Bulla)

Cover of the Shish Shawerma (Tasty Bites) menu. (Photo by David W. Bulla)

By David Bulla

ABU DHABI—Sandwiches are very important, and when you live in a big city, you expect to have a lot of competition for the best between two slices. However, I have given up on finding a decent Western sandwich—not counting the hamburger as a sandwich—in the capital city, other than a club at Shakepseare’s and a few golf course restaurants.

Except for shawerma, that is. Indeed, I have become a full shawerma convert, thanks to my wife, Kalpana, who lived the first nine years of her life in Dubai, where she developed a fondness for it.

My new go-to Arab pocket sandwich joint is Shish Shawerma, located in Khalidiaya behind Ali & Sons Volkswagen, just off the Corniche. What’s the draw at Shish Shawerma? Quite simply it is a very delicious shawerma sandwich.

You have a choice of chicken or beef, and I cannot choose between the two and always order both, usually sharing the chicken with my wife and 5-year-old son. I think the quality that makes the SS sandwich an outanding shawerma is the toasted flat bread. In a way, it tastes more like a panini, but no matter what the intent of the cook, the result is the same: tasty, tasty, tasty, perhaps also due to the fact that the sauce is spot on for me, not hot at all and quite tangy. More

Thursday’s Power Point for COM 360

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Here is the Power Point for Thursday’s discussion: More

Lab 16: Food review

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Here is this week’s assignment: More

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